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Bubble and Squeak

I’m finally done with Finals! Yay! And I’m on summer vacation until July 12th, then I start my final business core class (General Management) before my final semester starts on August 27th. So I give you this post about an amazingly simple yet delicious dinner/breakfast/brunch dish.

I’d never had Bubble and Squeak until one of my old roommates made it a few months ago. When they first told me the name of the dish I thought they were pulling my leg. I’m rather gullible so it wouldn’t be out of the question, and I have it on good authority that some friends like to see how far they can take jokes with me before I catch on.

I’m a trusting person with friends.

Occasionally it backfires.  And then I withhold baked goods and I get my revenge.

After my roommate showed me the cookbook the recipe came from  “A Little British Cookbook”, I had to run to my friend Amber (who also adopted my blog (and made the swanky new banner!) through Dine and Dish’s Adopt a Blogger program) and ask her if it was an actual British dish. I don’t know what it is about cookbooks that proclaim to be “traditional” <country/ethnicity>, but I’m always really skeptical about them. So imagine my surprise when Amber, whose husband is from England,  said that Bubble and Squeak was an actual British dish. Cool!

Not only is it a real dish from England but it has an awesome name. Fantastic.

Bubble and Squeak, as the cookbook points out, is a way to use up leftover potatoes and greens.  You can just make up the potatoes and blanch the cabbage so you don’t have to wait to try out this dish. Which is what I do, since I’m terrible at planning menus.

And we added bacon, which just adds to the awesome factor since bacon makes everything better.

First my roommate boiled the potatoes and blanched the cabbage to soften them. Then she cut up the bacon, regular or low sodium both is fine, into small pieces and put them into a large pan to start cooking. By the time the bacon was done everything else was ready to be thrown in the pan.

Bubble and Squeak is delicious hot or cold with just enough salt from the bacon (if using regular bacon) to season everything perfectly.  Everything gets a nice crispy crunchy crust from being cooked in the bacon grease and flipped.  The overall texture is both soft and crunchy, the crust and bacon and a nice crunchy contrast to the softness of the cabbage and potatoes.

While the recipe does call for salt and pepper to season the potatoes and cabbage, I would hold off, especially if you’re using regular bacon. We added pepper to the potatoes and cabbage but left out the salt (we made it with both kinds of bacon) each time. The reduced sodium bacon version, in our opinion needed the extra salt, but the regular bacon version was just fine without extra salt.

We ate it for dinner, and then I ate it cold as a midnight snack because it’s just that good, but it would also be a wonderful weekend breakfast meal.

Just add some eggs and it’s a breakfast hash type dish!


Bubble and Squeak

Slightly adapted from A Little British Cookbook

The original recipe calls for left over cabbage and left over mashed potatoes. After looking up various recipes I stumbled upon this recipe  from Jamie Oliver that mentions a 60% ratio of potatoes to everything else for the correct texture. I’m not sure that translate to the approximation below. The cookbook also mentions you can throw in other cooked vegetables like carrots, parsnips, peas or leeks. As it IS meant to be a way to finish off already cooked vegetables, I’d just throw in things as I wanted. Just follow your gut!

Serves 4-6

2 lb potatoes (about 5-6 small) boiled and roughly mashed by hand,
leaving small chunks
1 1/2 lb cabbage cut in 1″ dice, blanched
1 lg onion cut in 1/2″ dice (can saute with bacon or not)
1 lb bacon roughly chopped and fried (reserve bacon fat for next step
if desired)

Combine above in large bowl and season to taste with salt and pepper. Heat large skillet to med to med-high with 3-4 T oil or reserved bacon

Press mixture into pan, lower heat to medium and cook approx 30 min or till bottom is brown.  Invert onto large plate and

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