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About a month ago, two of my very good friends, Molly and Bates, took a bartending class through Livingsocial….and that’s about all the particulars I know of. Except that it also involved hands on time to practice making the drinks/shots.

So when they offered to make me some of the drinks who was I to refuse them? I mean, what kind of friend refuses to help a friend practice a new skill? So, I took one for the team and brought my camera along in order to document the drinks. I’ll give these to you in portions to fill a shot glass, not specific measurements, so 1/2 = half of whatever the glass size is.

The first shot Molly made for me was called Brain Hemorrhage.  It tastes much better than the name implies AND I’m assuming much more pleasant than an actual brain hemorrhage. Double win.

Brain Hemorrhage: 1/2 Peach Schnapps. 1/2 Bailey’s. A few drops of Grenadine Syrup.

Bates made a delicious espresso martini. I’m not one for flavored martinis but I requested this twice throughout the night.

1 shot vanilla vodka, 1 shot kalhua, 2 shots espresso.   Shake over ice and pour. (for each martini)

Cherry kisses totally tastes like cherries. Don’t let the weird appearance of the Bailey’s floater scare you off. That’s my inept photographing skills coming though! :)

Cherry Kisses: 1/2 Chambord, 1/2 Bailey’s.

B-52 was Molly’s favorite so we had that a few times throughout the night as well. In this drink the Bailey’s sinks to the middle, which I thought was nifty.

B-52: 1/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Grand Marnier, 1/3 Bailey’s.

The final drink (after many attempts to get Bates to make it) was a Blue Line. The blue curacao is supposed to be a crisp blue line in the shot glass, ours wasn’t because well, we were a few deep by the time Bates made it. Clearly he’ll have to practice more often.

Blue line: 1/2 Creme de Cocoa. 1/2 Vodka over a spoon slowly. Then pour in 6 drops of a mixture that’s half vodka, half Blue Curacao,

Out of all of the drinks, my favorites were the brain hemorrhage and the espresso martini. The cherry kisses shot was interesting, but  I think I could do with just one in a night. Now, the espresso martinis were just dangerous; the coffee and the vanilla vodka make for a nice smooth drink.

All in all it was a very fun night filled with drinks, tormenting house cats with love and affection, and lots of laughs.

I highly recommend gathering a group of friends and playing with different drink concoctions. Its cheaper than going to a bar, you don’t have to worry about driving or cabs, and you get to giggle at everyone trying to mix drinks.


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