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New Years Eve

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I did a whirl wind trip to San Diego for New Years Eve. I got some really lovely sunset photos while I was on the beach in Oceanside. So, here there are – and it was FREEZING. I thought Southern California was always warm?

There was this awesome out cropping across from the pier. Had there been a palm tree in the shot I would have sworn this was Hawaii…not that I’ve been to Hawaii.

I was, apparently, engrossed by these waves and the sea foam pattern it left behind. I have about 6 different pictures of the same thing.

The gate leading out to the pier.

I used Pioneer Woman’s Sunshine Action for this photo, it was otherwise horribly underexposed.

Winter sunsets are so pretty.

This one was also underexposed, but was more fixable. Underexposing the image made the water super duper blue though. So that looks pretty.

Me and Leigh. Leigh is desperately trying to keep me warm. I forgot my jacket in the car and only had the scarf and thin black cardigan. Coooold.

Happy New Years! I hope everyone’s New Year has been treating you wonderfully, and everyone has found a kitchen gnome to clean up after you. I hate cleaning.

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