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Apple Turnovers

I’m still working through my 16 tons pounds of apples. My original plan was to make puff pastry from scratch, I even had the time, but after getting to bed late, having a very strange dream about Sasquatch stalking families, and being woken up suddenly by a text message my brain was  way to hazy and confused about what world I was in to make something that involved.

So I wandered off to Trader Joe’s and picked up some of their puff pastry. Is it just me or does pre-made puff pastry/pie crusts smell like play dough?  I remembered the egg wash this time, I felt so proud of myself.

Its the small victories in life that keep me going, folks.

The only problem I had with these turnovers was that the bottom wouldn’t crisp up. I don’t know if that’s a function of the apple filling being to wet or what, but next time I’m going to bake them on a cooling rack.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or do I live in a vacuum?

Even with the soggy-ish bottoms, they were flaky and delicious. I grated the apples with my food processor with the grating dish inserted. Cause that takes less time and I’m lazy. Since I was using Golden Delicious apples, I only added 1/2 a cup of sugar since they aren’t as tart as say a Granny Smith apple.

Do you ever wonder who named apples? “Wow! This apple is as tart as…Granny Smith!”

I also threw in a tablespoon of smoked cinnamon from McCormick, but regular cinnamon will work just as well, and some nutmeg, because nutmeg makes everything better.

I also just crimped the sides using a fork without using an egg wash. I wanted to see if they would stay closed. They did and they even puffed up all nifty like.

All in all, this was a super quick dessert that I’m going to keep on hand for impromptu guests that want something sweet.

Apple Turnovers

Note: You can use any kind of baking apple, but you might need to adjust the sugar. More for a tarter apple like a Granny Smith or less if you use a sweeter apple. Feel free to add more spices or adjust the levels of each.

1 box of puff pastry (I got mine from Trader Joe’s, but whatever brand you like is awesome too)

1 pound Golden Delicious Apples, grated

3 tablespoons of lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

1 tablespoon Roasted Cinnamon (regular works  great too, I just didn’t have any on hand)

1/2 tablespoon nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350.

Using a food processor with the grating disc inserted, or a box grater, grate the apples.

Combine the apples, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir until well mixed.

The sugar will draw out  A LOT of liquid, so pour the mixture into a sieve to drain it. Press with the spoon you used to mix it to get out as much liquid as possible. You could also let it drip for a few minutes, or press down paper towels on to the apples  to absorb some liquid.

Cut puff pastry into squares (or squarish shapes, you’ll just have rustic looking turnovers), I used 4.5 x 4.5 because that’s what the TJ’s puff pastry could do. If you do smaller, use less filling.

Place 2 tablespoons of filling in the center of square and fold the puff pastry over the diagonal to make a triangle. Crimp with a fork.

Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, place a cooling rack on it and place the turnovers on the cooling rack.

Bake for 30-35 minutes.

1 comment to Apple Turnovers

  • Oh these look so yummy! I like the idea of cooking them on a rack. Could you have gotten the bottoms crispy if you flipped them over?? My new favorite apple is the honey crisp apple. I don’t normally like apples but those are delicious! ;-)

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