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Apple Hill Adventures

On Saturday my dad and I took a trip up to Placerville to go pick apples up on Apple Hill, which is a collection of about 80  apple orchards/Christmas Tree farms.  A lot of the apples weren’t ripe yet as a result of California have a really funky, cold summer. So sad, stupid weird summer.

The first place we went to Denver Dan’s Apple Patch, which sadly got a bad enough frost that their entire apple crop was taken out. Sad panda. But! They did have alpacas and a goose. Why they had a goose with alpacas is still a mystery to me, it kept honking as if to say “Why on earth am I in this pen with furry, weird neck creatures and no pond?”

They had alpaca feed for sale for 50 cents so I bought some and fed the alpacas. They’re messy little buggers, and they can twist their necks really weirdly. Sadly I was being terrified that the alpaca was going to eat my hand so I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the one alpaca that seemed to be doing figure S’s with its neck.

Its like someone crossed a giraffe with a llama. I feel that alpacas and platypuses are in the same weird animal category together.

So then we went on a quest to find a pick your own apples that actually had apples. We ended up at Goyette’s North Canyon Ranch which had TONS of applesFor every 1 apple I got off a tree three fell down and pelted me. It was worse than hanging out in my backyard the summer we were surrounded by squirrels, constantly throwing things at you, chattering away mocking you. Sheesh.

The apple trees were a lot smaller than I was expecting, I thought I was going to get to climb up one to pick the apples, but oh no, they had apple pickers all for you. Sneaky kids making sure no one falls out of a tree and breaks themselves. In any case, we picked a box which is supposedly half a bushel or about 20 lbs. So now I have 20 pounds of apples to play with.

Anyone know of any savory apple applications that doesn’t involve pork? I’m just not that big on pork.

Last night I made apple butter, which is seriously reduced applesauce and it makes your house smell AMAZING. I’ll post on it tomorrow, but just know that it’s going under the theme of “Rene didn’t read the instructions before starting…”

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