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Quick Salmon Salad

I made it back from DC alive! Yay! I lucked out and even though DC was hot, it wasn’t hot and humid until Monday which is when I left. The 4th of July in DC is crazy packed, I’m glad I did it but I have no need to do it again.

Here is a quick lunch idea on a hot day. I used canned Salmon from Bear and Wolf (which I bought at Costco), this salad would taste a million times tastier with fresh grilled or baked salmon but we ate it all last night. Oh well, at least I used stuff from the pantry, right?

I also have a nifty tip on cutting onions for a one person salad. Since I don’t need half of an onion in my salad, or even a fourth of an onion for that matter, I peel off one layer of the onion cut away the bottom part of the onion and the slice that layer into small strips. And it turns out to be a perfect amount!

I used Light Champagne dressing from Girard’s, which I know probably has chemicals up the ying-yang but it doesn’t separate when it sits in the fridge. I don’t know why but I have a weird aversion to things that separate. So you can totally use your favorite salad dressing for this.

What are your favorite quick lunch meals?

Quick Salmon Salad

Serves 1

2 oz canned salmon, drained

1 generous handful of your favorite salad greens (I used mixed spring greens)

2 tablespoons Light Champagne Dressing

Half of a tomato cut into slices then cut into fourths

1 layer of an onion cut into strips


Throw it all together and enjoy :).

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