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Gourmet Truffle Class And a Giveaway!

Last night I went to a Gourmet Truffle making class up in Sacramento at Capital Confections. While it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it was still a good way to spend an hour and a half. We didn’t make the ganache for the truffle filling, since you have to wait so long for it to cool back down but we DID get to dip the truffles and play in HUGE vats of chocolate:

See? Big vat o’ dark chocolate.

The owner of Capital Chocolates is a gentleman in his (probably) late 40s/early 50s and is two hoots and a holler. When I checked in to the class he asked me “Did you hear it was canceled?” to which I, of course, asked if it had been and he just looked up at me and grinned and said “Nope!”. Then I asked if I could take pictures of the class for my food blog (which my eldest sister now wants me to refer to as a flog), his only request was not to take pictures of him. So sadly I have no pictures of this owner who is delightfully sarcastic.

He was very knowledge about chocolate which was contrasted by three older ladies who really hadn’t a clue what to do with it. I’m always shocked by the differing levels of people in a cooking/baking class. One woman in this class asked how do you melt chocolate in the microwave. I have to admit I was sorely tempted to ask “have you never melted chocolate chips?” I use a double boiler to melt my chocolate, but this lady thought that was too labor intensive.

The deal was that we could keep however we made and we could dip as many as we could in an hour and a half. Or until the tray we were given were full. It’s times like this when I’m glad I’m necrotic for having things in straight lines. I ended up making about 50 truffles, if I’d had more time I probably could have made another 20 or so, since all my truffles were in neat rows and as soon as the chocolate hardened I put them very close together, but alas I only had 50. Oh woe is me. WOE IS ME. Acutally, woe is whoever actually ends up eating them. They’re delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just not a chocolate fan.

We only scraped the surface of their fillings, but I was feeling impish about opening so many different boxes and dirtying so many dishers. So my truffle filings are: blackberry, raspberry, champagne, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and coffee.

Speaking of imps,  one of my other classmates last night was a 10 year old girl, Allison, and her father Peter. They’ve done this class about 5 times so they’re old pros at playing in chocolate. I think Allison had more chocolate on her than on her tray:

She’d cleaned up slightly, by licking her face, before I could snap a picture of the full chocolatey mess.

We didn’t get to playing with molds, but the instructor/owner did show me how to use them. I explained to him my problem with using a mold over Christmas to make soft filled truffles how when I went to scrape off the excess, it took some of the filling with it. He thinks that I filled the mold too much. You want the fillings to be about 1/8th of an inch below the mold lip, so when you scrape off the excess chocolate it doesn’t take the filling with it. Learn from my mistakes. The best part about this class is that now I can pay to use his chocolate tempering machines. All I have to do is call in advance and see what day works and I can bring my own fillings and go to town. Sounds like a total deal!

And now for the fun part. After class I bought two different boxes of truffles and I’m giving away to two lucky readers. One will get the pink bow, one will get the brown bow. Each has the same amount, but I have no clue what the flavors are. Like Forrest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get!” So think of this as a mystery box :)


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