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WordPress Questions and Updates

If you mosey on over to the “Recipes” page, you’ll see all the recipes on this blog. I CLEARLY need to get a move on to making more things.

If anyone knows how to make the recipe page into two columns I’d be eternally grateful. Just comment here, or email me at epicbaker @ gmail . com

UPDATE: The always helpful Jaden from Steamy Kitchen let me know that it has to do with my template rather than any formating. Oh well!

Tomorrow I’ll have an actual *gasp* food post! Oh noooooes. Shocking, I know. But it is really long over due. Even I’m antsy to get something new up here, that isn’t something weird my parents have said or sitting out in the rain in Virgina.

Yay! I also have a graduation advising appointment tomorrow afternoon! Think happy thoughts that I’ll graduate on time for me!

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