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French Macarons

After having Thomas Keller’s macarons I decided that I should try making them. While Mr. Keller’s macarons were good, they were simply too large. Macarons should never ever be American sized. I made five batches and while none of them turned out PERFECTLY the last batch was good enough.

Lets go on this crazy ride, shall we?

The first try didn’t make it very far. When I went to mix the dry ingredients and the egg whites it turned out like this:

Whoops. Oh well. As you can see, it went into a bag and then got trashed. Round two! Ready go:

You have to grind the almonds to make the almond meal, then you throw in the powdered sugar so it doesn’t clump. Then you mix it with the egg whites and then pipe it out on to a parchment paper clad cookie sheet/jelly roll plan:

At this point you bake them for about 18 minutes…and this batch looked like this:
D’OH. Oh well, rinse repeat. Round three, ready goooooo:
These look good, no? Well, take a bite:
D’oh. Hollow. Bugger. Oh well, rinse repeat. The fourth time looked the same, so I’ll spare you the pictures.
The fifth time turned out almost perfectly, so I made a chocolate filling that I was too impatient to wait to harden so they were kinda drippy. Still delicious though!
I have to tinker with these some more before I get them perfect but to the unknowing friend they were absolutely delicious with just a small air pocket at the top of the cookie. There is also a macaron class in San Francisco with Baking Arts that I might take.
I used Helen of My Tartelette‘s recipe as she is the Queen of macarons. She also has a PDF of her magazine article on the right hand side of her blog. Go check it out. Her pictures are swoon worthy.

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