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French Macarons

Follow the time consuming story that is French Macarons. After 5 batches, I got them almost perfect and called it good enough. They were very delicious to eat and rather photogenic! […]

Adventures in Napa, Part III

The Final Installment! Yay! Whew. This week has been super busy and will continue to be busy until next Tuesday when I leave for Virginia.

When I leave on Tuesday I will have: completed two midterms, a bachelorette party, a bridal shower (which I’m baking for), moving, laundry and packing. Please, shoot me now. […]

Adventures in Napa, Part III

Yes! There is a part 3! I meant to post it more or less directly after posting part 2, but I got distracted by studying and attempting to make French Macarons. I say “attempting” because while I get the little feet and a nice top without cracks – they’re still hollow. Lump mode. I […]