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Woes and Love

Lets start with the bad news. I go to bed around 3-4am on Friday – I’m a night owl and yes, morning classes KILL me – and wake up around 10am wander over to my computer and….it doesn’t work.

Well it does work, kinda. I was getting a winbrand.dll error…whatever that means, so I call my father over and go “OMG! Why is it dead?!” So we putz around for a while and try all the different system fixes that Windows 7 has built in and then finally decide that my computer needs to be wiped and has to have everything reinstalled. So I’ve lost my Photoshop which is the one program I’m upset about losing. Luckily, the friend I originally got it from is willing to give it to me again.

So that was my Saturday…computer wars and the computer won.

 As many of you know my boyfriend Leigh is in the Marine Corps and is currently stationed at Quantico for Officer Candidate School, so he obviously wasn’t around for Valentine’s Day.

This is, quite honestly, not that big of deal. I’m not a fan of the holiday for no particular reason other than the last thing I want to do on February 14th is to try to have a romantic dinner for two while EVERYONE ELSE and their mother is out trying to have a romantic dinner for two. Last year he asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s and I responded with “Pizza, my pajamas, a couch and movies” and that’s what I got. And it was marvelous.

Fast forward to this year, since he was gone I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING. Even though he has liberty on the weekends its so scattered that he doesn’t actually know when he will be officially on duty or be able to call. So I was rolling with the punches and wasn’t expecting anything. I got a text saying happy Valentine’s Day, a message on Facebook, and a phone call.

Earlier in the morning he texted asking for my address so he could mail me a letter, nice cover story buddy, and then called him mom asking her to bring me roses. Roses, conveniently, happen to be my favorite flower so it works out well. So imagine my surprise when around 1pm his mom and step-dad show up with a balloon and a dozen red roses. Please also imagine that I was in my pajamas still at this point.

The entire thing – the ribbons came with the flowers and I tied them around the vase.
My sister’s cat, Sneaker, decided that my roses would make a nice afternoon treat. Sneaker ran from across our yard and meowed until I paused to pet him – or knock him away from my poor roses. Then when I’d go back to shooting he’d start up again. Such a needy cat.
 Then I just decided to play with different settings on my camera.
So all in all, I think this week shall be labeled a wash. I went from being disgustingly sick to a computer melt down to being surprised with roses for Valentine’s Day by someone who is 3000 miles away.

2 comments to Woes and Love

  • Megan Wolf

    LOL I love that pop and mama just showed up at your door and you were in your pj's! that is brilliant! makes me laugh super hard. such a visual image. you must have been so confused. we knew he was going to do something and I'm glad he came through. really sweet of him with everything being so crazy. I am proud to call him my brother right now. lol. I'm glad it sort of turned the weekend around. computer glitches can be such a pain in the ass, and you had to wipe it? bummer! did you lose anything else that was important? I have all of your pics from the holidays on my computer if you lost them. we can burn them for you when I'm home in a few weeks. glad you can get photoshop back! and tell that cat to back up off your flowers!

    in other news: your coming to visit me so soon! and we can go putz around the old west town to our hearts desire! yee-haw! lol but really I can't wait. ok. Im going to bed now, and you should too. I was a good wifey and just made logan lunch so that he doesnt wake me up at 5 am and ask me to do it then. boys.


  • Rene

    Way to keep it a secret! It definitely turned the week around, I don't think I've stopped smiling, it was so unexpected! I was able to save all my pictures but I'm still super bummed about photoshop. Oh well.

    I can't wait to visit you! I'm bringing my camera and am going to take LOTS of pictures! I'm so excited to see your new house!

    Don't lie, you made his lunch now so you don't have to get up in the morning. Hehe! Why doesn't he make his own lunch at 5am? Oh wait, nevermind, he's Leigh's brother I already know the answer.

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