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Guest Post: Sauerkaut How To!

This post has been meaning to be made for the last *ahem* three weeks. Forgive me. Blogger ate this post, and as it was a long post I had to work up the energy to redo it. Stupid blogger. This how to is from my friend John who also gave me the recipe for […]

Woes and Love

Lets start with the bad news. I go to bed around 3-4am on Friday – I’m a night owl and yes, morning classes KILL me – and wake up around 10am wander over to my computer and….it doesn’t work.

Well it does work, kinda. I was getting a winbrand.dll error…whatever that means, so I […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’ve always thought red velvet cake as being well, flavorless. Or whatever Red #40 tastes like, and from what I’ve read over the food blogosphere this seems to be a common critique of the cake. But, like everyone else noted, people go batshit crazy when they see it.

Why? I have no idea, […]