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Of Lemonade and Mai Thai

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent part of the weekend with my best friend Laurie to take the sting off Leigh leaving, where we made a fantastic beans and rice dish. But food wasn’t the only order of the day. Oh no. You see, they had a plethora of lemons and […]

Beans with Brown Rice and Avocado Tomato Salsa

 Sorry for the prolonged silence around here. My boyfriend, Leigh, who is in the Marines, left very early on the the 15th until December 23rd so I spent the last 10 days hanging out with him as much as possible. On the downside it left very little time to cook or blog. For fun, […]

Lemon Tart and French Tart Shell

I got both the Lemon Tart and Tart Shell recipes from David Lebovitz whose recipes, as usual, are wonderfully written and very informational.

Now hold on to your seats, put down your drink, shallow your food: this little French number is INCREDIBLY easy. Yes, French AND easy in the same sentence. I […]