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Chicken Enchiladas

Now, I’m not a HUGE fan of enchiladas. In fact, the only Mexican food I’ll actually go out of my way for is a burrito. But these enchiladas are amazing, it might be because I was absolutely starving when I ate these, or it could be because they had homemade guacamole on top…but I like to think they were absolutely delicious. And smothered with enchilada sauce (which oddly enough I do actually like) and cheese.

I, unfortunately, don’t have a precise recipe for this dish…its add stuff to your liking kind of recipe. I came across this recipe from Megan, whom I mentioned earlier, while she made them after a strenuous day taking family photos – I was her sous chef. I learned to fold enchiladas/burritos…from an Italian.

One day I may learn Italian cooking from an Italian, the world may never know.

As an aside: the tv show “The Big Bang Theory” is hilariously awkward. So is Glee. Both of them can not be watched without  lots of breaks or lots of wine/whiskey throughout the episode. Used medicinally, of course.

And now back to our regularly scheduled recipe: I don’t know what about these that I like so much. One, they’re enchiladas – no offense Mom, Lisa loves your enchiladas…I’m just not a fan of them in general – two, there are refried beans in these things, and finally there are jalapenos. While I’ve gotten better with spice…I’m still not at “I TOTALLY enjoy breaking out into a sweat and losing my taste buds” hot. But these things…I’d drive to Tuscon (where Megan lives) to eat these.

You can also add in rice and sliced black olives if you wish, we didn’t because Julia (Leigh’s cousin) had this awesome nacho casserole that had them.

Anyway, here is what we used. Add/subtract the amount of ingredients based on how many people you’re feeding and their spice level (if you’re nice).

Megan’s Enchiladas with Guacamole

From Megan Wolf
-Chicken breast cut into large chunks
     -paprika, cumin
-Tomatoes, chopped
-Onions, chopped
      (we used prechopped tomatoes and onion mix from Safeway, so I’m not exactly sure how man you’d     need….I’d hazard a guess of at least 4 tomatoes and 2 large onions)
-Large burrito sized flour tortillas
-1 large can refried beans (or you can use black or pinto beans)
-1 large can red enchilada sauce
-1 can jalapenos
-1 bag Mexican Cheese Shredded Mix
-1 small container sour cream (we used Daisy Fat Free)
-3 avocados
-Guacamole spice mix
-1 bunch green onions, finely chopped

Cut up tomatoes and onions, if you’re not using the prechopped stuff. Cook chicken breast chunks with some paprika and cumin with a small portion of tomatoes and onions.

While the chicken is cooking, chop the green onions. Smoosh the avocados and some of the onions and tomatoes, reserving some to sprinkle across the top of the finished enchiladas. Add in the guacamole spice mix.

In a 13×9 pan pour some of the red enchilada sauce on the bottom of the pan, you may need more than one pan.

Pour refried beans into a large bowl and add about a 1/3 container of sour cream and as many jalapenos as you want. Mix together. If you’re using sliced black olives add them in here.

Lay out one tortilla and add one large serving spoon of refried bean mixture. On top of that place some of the chicken and cooked tomatoes and onions. If you’re adding in rice, dump some in here. Then add some of the preshredded Mexican Cheese mixture. Reserve some of the cheese to put on top of the finished enchiladas. Roll by folding in the top and the bottom sides in first, then pulling one side over and pulling the filling to that side and continue rolling. Place seam on the bottom of the pan. Repeat until all ingredients are used or you run out of something.

Place rolled enchiladas in baking dish and pour more of the red enchilada sauce on top, followed by the last of the chopped tomatoes/onions and cheese mixture.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes..or until the cheese is bubbly and looks like the picture above.

Dish ‘em out and enjoy! Om nom nom nom. Hey, even Megan thinks they’re great:

And if you’ve got a picture of someone giving the thumbs up, they’ve gotta be delicious. Black fingernail polish…what a rebel.

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