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Chocolate Dipped Espresso and Lemon Truffles

I know I said I was going to do peppermint bark, but I apparently I forgot to take pictures. I’ll have to wrassel some leftovers down and take pictures tomorrow morning. So, instead I bring you chocolate dipped truffles of the espresso and white chocolate lemon varieties.

Both of these were incredibly easy to make. Even though I added an extra tablespoon of butter to the espresso filling, they still turned out perfectly fine, although they were messier to roll than the white chocolate lemon filling probably because of the extra butter.

White Chocolate Lemon Filling

I made the filling the night before I actually dipped them and they held up fine. Once I started dipping them I realized, only after dipping half of the espresso truffles, the temperature of the chocolate had gotten too hot and the truffles weren’t setting up correctly. Oh bother. Luckily I inadvertently made the truffles much smaller than the recipe called for. The recipe said I’d only get about 40 truffles out of the filling…I got more like 60 or 70. So I retempered the chocolate.

Chocolate Espresso Filling

To retemper chocolate all you have to do is reheat the chocolate to 115 degrees, throw in a new piece of seed chocolate and, while stirring, let it cool back down to 82 degrees and then reheat it to 88-91 degrees. I can’t tell you how many times I had to retemper chocolate this past week. At least now I’m rather proficient at it.

Dipping was fairly easy: I just had to work quickly and keep an eye on the temperature of the chocolate carefully and slowly over low heat bring the temperature back up to 88-91 degrees when it got too cool.

Also, be sure to cover the filling completely or you’ll end up with this:

Please, name this picture. I’m at a loss for words at what to call these silly little truffles.

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