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TMI…and a pasta recipe

I need to share. I need to get something off my chest. I had a disgusting stye on my left eye this morning so I made the executive decision to skip class and catch up on sleep. And get rid of the stye. Usually I just go “eh, I have a boyfriend, who do I need to impress?”, but I’d rather not look like the Quasimodo of eyes thankyouverymuch. I do have some standards.

If you DO get a stye, I feel sorry for you. They hurt and they look terrible. Luckily, I have some tips for you. I always get a wash cloth and wet one corner with hot water and hold it up against the sty. Supposedly the warmth of the compress draws the puss (ew) out and then reduces puffiness. It works. Another remedy that I’ve seen (that I haven’t tried) is to put a warm teabag against the stye, from what I’ve read the tea kills the bacteria.

And now for what this blog is really about. Cooking! Yay!

I made a pasta dish with some creamy alfredo, left over rotisserie chicken, peas, mushrooms and garlic. I made this a few days ago but kinda sorta screwed it up. Note to self: Cook  BEFORE you’re starving. I stupidly put the sauce in THEN the mushrooms and garlic. Clearly you want to put the mushrooms and garlic in before the sauce so they can cook. What a concept! Cooking? Who knew. So I wanted to try it out the correct way to make sure it does actually taste good. And yup, it does :).

I had originally planned to use these shells in the Portuguese Stew a week or two ago, but I left them at my parents house. So I found a new purpose for them. I came up with this idea (although I’m sure I’m not the first person to combine these flavors) from another dish my family loves that involves salmon instead of chicken. I’m not a huge fan of alfredo sauce, I’m not sure why. I’m really just a tomato sauce kinda gal. That being said, I really like it in this dish. Something about the chicken (or salmon) with the peas, garlic and mushrooms in the alfredo is really just wonderful.

Notice the not fully cooked mushrooms…still delicious.
Alfredo Chicken and Veggie Pasta
 serves one
1/2 cup mushrooms I bought presliced , you can either cut these smaller or cut your own :)
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup peas, frozen I <3 peas.
1/2 a chicken breast from a rotisserie chicken, shredded and skin removed.
1/2 cup of small shells 
Bring a pot of water to a boil and add salt. Once its boiling throw in your pasta and cook according to the directions on the package. Throw in your peas during the last minute of cooking
I used a nonstick mini sauce pan thing so I just chucked the mushrooms in and kept moving them around so the didn’t burn. Then I threw in the garlic and let that get nice an aromatic. I then threw in the sauce and chicken to warm them up.
Drain the pasta and peas, put into a bowl and toss with the sauce! Quick and yummy.

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