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Mini Pumpkin Pies

 <— Rene is mean and didn’t give us egg wash :(

Whew. I hope everyone had a simply maaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous Thanksgiving!

Its important to stress the ‘a’ on certain words, like “marvelous” and “fabulous”. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Try it sometime. It helps to drink wine too.

I finished all of my papers and projects and whatnot before break and now I feel like I blinked and Thanksgiving came and went before I knew what was happening! Next up is my birthday and then Christmas and New Years. I always feel like the end of the year is a sprint to the finish and I’m always rushed to get things done. School definitely doesn’t help with the rushed feeling either, teachers assign last minute projects and papers cause all of us to scramble to get them done. At least all of us get them done and then is a nice month long break.

This is the third time I made these little guys and they’ve been a hit every time. They’re definitely more time consuming than a normal pumpkin pie, but these are CUTE…and cute is what matters, right? Right. I got the idea from Bakerella who posted this recipe in September. Seriously cute and easier to give away. My boyfriend is in Arizona for Thanksgiving this week and since he likes these so much (although I doubt its the cute factor for him) I’m going to bring him some when he gets back tomorrow night.

I made these for Thanksgiving and as the little guys at the beginning of the post complained, I forgot to put on the egg wash, so while they were delicious, they weren’t shiny and pretty. I topped these guys with whipped cream for the actual presentation…and then I may or may not have just eaten the whipped cream. Nom. Everyone seemed to like them and there weren’t many left over! Yay!

These mini pies are quick and easy. I used the Wilton Comfort Grip Pumpkin to cut out the pre-rolled pie crust. And word to the wise: the pre-rolled pie crust is with the refrigerated cookies not the frozen pie crusts, not that I didn’t search through three different grocery stores or anything before figuring this out. Clearly my college education hasn’t gotten to this part yet.

Following Bakerella’s advice, I rolled out the pre-rolled pie dough (Pillsbury comes two in a box) a little bit thinner to get 12 from each piece of dough. You do need to collect the scraps and reroll them. But figure each box giving 24 pumpkins. What if you don’t have said pumpkin cutter? NO CUTE PUMPKIN PIES FOR YOU. Nah, just kidding…that’d be mean wouldn’t it? Just use a large round cutter and if you want the tab (or the stem of pumpkin) just attach a scrap piece :).

Using a mini muffin tin and alternating holes so they wouldn’t fuse together, I carefully put the now pumpkin shaped dough pieces into the tin. Then I scrumpled the edges so they made nice circles. Scrumpled…that’s a technical term…yes…

After that I filled the pumpkins with pumpkin pie filling (ew) and baked at 425 for 20 minutes. REMEMBER TO USE EGG WASH OR THEY WON’T BE SHINY AND PRETTY. And they’ll end up like mine. Totally delicious, just not pretty.

Oh well, story of my life. Shiny..like my forehead during finals. EWWWW. Finals. Ew.

For full and complete instructions go to Bakerella’s page. The only difference is I used canned pumpkin recipe instead of her’s and used the can’s temperature instructions and baked them for 20 minutes. I think Bakerella uses 350 :).

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