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My parents have an apple tree. My dad took a fertilization class. The tree now produces WAY too many apples.  When the world gives you apples…make applesauce. So when I came home on Tuesday to vote my dad and I made applesauce!

My dad recently hurt his back falling off a ladder – he’s fine, just sore – but he wore an “Owww” sign so we’d stop asking how he was feeling. The nifty  little tool he’s using? It awesome, it peels, cores and slices all in one go. The apples end up in nifty spiral that I just split in half with my hands and chucked them in the bowl with some lemon juice and water to prevent browning. Then we drained the apples with a colander into a second bowl to catch the liquids so we could reuse it, and then dumped them in to a GIANT pot. I’m serious. It held 13.5 POUNDS of apples. Giant I tell you, Giant. 

Here is an up close shot of gizmo. My dad says they sell them at Target. Go forth and forage. I don’t know what’s up with the knife or my fingers. Aliens. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

After we got all 13.5 pounds of apples into the pot we added 1/2 cup of water and cooked for about 30-40 minutes, stirring it occasionally so it didn’t burn. After that we put it through a food mill. And viola, applesauce. 

We have a Granny Smith Apple tree and they are a more tart apple so if you like sweeter applesauce you’ll want to add some sugar. We liked it just the way it was without sugar so we left it out. What can I say? We’re tart. We canned the applesauce afterward with our pressure caner.

It was yummy. Nice and tart, just like I like it. And now I leave you with a picture of spiral apples:

My mom bought my dad a lab coat for the kitchen. Isn’t he adorable? I totally keeping him around. I plead the 5th on what my bangs are doing. They have a mind of their own.

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