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Caprese-esque Pasta

I love love love love balsamic vinegar. If something has balsamic vinegar in it I’m 90% sure I will absolutely love it. I start drooling at the thought of balsamic vinegar. I also like eating basil leaves straight. Highly unusual, I know. But I’m a highly unusual person.

Annnnnyway. Moving right along. This […]

Pumpkin Pie

Day two of no computer problems! Could it be? Has my computer come back to life? I dunno, but I hope so! so in light of being able to post (AGAIN!! :)) I bring you something Octobery, pumpkin pie.

Octobery is a word, don’t look at me like it isn’t. And if it isn’t […]

Basic, Basic Potato Leek Soup

So, I think I may have figured out what is wrong with my computer. I believe that my fan is no longer working on my lap top, so I bought a cooling pad thing for it. Hopefully that’ll work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Technology and I have a love hate relationship.

Anyway, on […]