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If you follow me on Twitter, which if you don’t and you have a Twitter you totally should (I’m epicbaker), you probably saw my tweet about getting my copy of The Pioneer’s Woman new cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. The book follows the format of her website – many, many, many step by step pictures.

The color step by step pictures make you hungry just looking at them. She takes them herself in her kitchen. I’m jealous she has so much natural light. The pictures come with clear instructions and even suggestions for what she’d do if she lived in an apartment in Chicago and not on a ranch with picky eaters :P.

She says in  the very beginning that these recipes are definitely not noncaloric and she loves to use butter. As she says, its the right thing to do. The cookbook is also full of wonderful ranch photos and her wonderful humor. And yes, in case you were wondering I did rip open the package and dance around the kitchen like a giddy five year old on Christmas. Then I promptly sat on the couch and read it cover to cover as if there was a midterm on it the next day. If only my textbooks were this fun to read.

I’ve already decided the first thing I’m going to make from her cookbook. She has a marvelous recipe for cinnamon rolls. If you live near me (in either location) be afraid. Be very afraid. You will be getting some in December. And Lord have mercy, there’s an orange marmalade variation. I LOOOOOOOOVE citrus. And there’s a caramel apple variation. I’m doomed. Doomed I tell yas, doomed. Someone save me. Send help. Please.

I wish I could afford to buy a few extra copies and do a give away, but alas, I’m a poor college student. So please, if you putz around her website and like her stuff as much as I do buy a copy of her cookbook. You won’t regret it. I promise.

*I do not personally know The Pioneer Woman, she’s just merely my idol in food blogging. She  doesn’t know who I am from the man in the moon and probably would be terrified about having a 20 year old girl from California obessed with her blog. I just think she’s the bee’s knees and her cookbook is a hilarious *

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