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Zucchini, Egg, Onion and Ham Scramble

Or, what the !@#!@! do I do with all this Zucchini Scramble. Or my parents went camping and took all the leftovers scramble.

In my case, both is true. My parents planted a huge garden and one of the vegetables we planted was zucchini which is all fine and dandy until each plant (there’s about 4 of them) start producing them faster than we eat them. My family also went off on a nine day vacation and took the left over food with them. So I woke up on Friday to no left overs, many eggs and many zucchini.

I made lemonaide out of lemons so to speak. I found an onion and some lunch meat cut everything up and threw it together. I had originally planed it to be an omlette, but I was making thing before I had coffee so it quickly turned into a scramble when I cracked the eggs over the pan instead of into a bowl. Whoops. Still yummy though.


Zucchini, Egg, Onion and Ham Scramble
for one serving

Small amount olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 slice of onions, cut into cubes
2 oz of ham (or less depending on how much ham you want), cut into cubes
1/4 cup zucchini (this is honestly a rough…very rough estimate.) Cut into small pieces.
2 eggs

Put olive oil in a pan to warm up and add garlic. Cook onions and zucchini while cutting up the ham. Add ham and cook until ham is warmed through. If you want an omlette break eggs into a bowl and beat then add to the cooked mixuter. If you want a scramble, break eggs over mixture and scramble in the pan.

Put on a plate and enjoy!

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