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Hazlenut Gelato

Hazelnuts. I love you. I love the way you smell, I love the way you taste. When mixed with chocolate you’re just amazing. I’ve even been known to mix the hazelnut creamers in with my hot chocolate. Making homemade hazelnut gelato or also called Gianduja gelato. Amazing. Creamy, smooth, just chocolately and hazelnuty enough. 
As much as I love hazelnuts, I hate hate hatee hate hate HATE shelling these nuts. David Lebovitz says to roast them in the oven then rub them with a towel to get the skins off, so I thought I’d be sneaky and buy pretoasted hazelnuts. Yeah that one back fired on me :(. I have since found out about boiling the nuts first then roast them and the skins fall off. Oh well. I guess I’ll be making this again in the future to test this idea. Oh woe is me. Oh woe is me. 
The recipe is from David Lebovitz’s book The Perfect Scoop. Because the book is on the inexpensive side and there are SO MANY wonderful recipes in the book, I’m not going to post the recipe and ask that you go and buy the book. It is SO worth it!

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