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Beef Stew

I like rice. I like it plain. I like it with soy sauce. I like it with salmon. I like it in a box, I would eat it with a fox….Oops, that’s something totally different.

Ahem. I do however like rice with beef stew. California has been having crazy strange weather…its June and only […]

French Bread

I’m from a family of bread monsters as one of my best friends would say. Bread of any sort doesn’t last long in our household. That being said, we absolutely adore french bread. The kind that’s nice and tender when you bite into, not hard baguettes (although they do have their place, like in […]

Strawberry Scones

In the last post, I made my mom lemon curd and she mentioned that she had nothing to put it on but she supposed that crackers could do in a pinch. So I decided to make my mother strawberry scones to go with the lemon curd.

Once again, I epic failed at taking pictures. […]