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Quick and Dirty – Quesadilla

I have weird taste buds, as I mentioned in my last post I really don’t like parsley, but I LOVE salsa. I’ll eat it by the spoon full without chips. I adore garlic, it is very rarely strong enough to make me say “wow, that’s a lot of garlic”. I also really like quesadillas. So tonight after a particularly hard workout, I decided to use up my left over chicken breast for a chicken quesadilla. I decided to warm up the chicken by cooking it with some garlic and oh boy howdy was it good.

I quickly warmed up the chicken by heating it up with some olive oil and garlic and then dumping it onto the cheese and tortilla. I used the preminced garlic that comes in the class jars – Christopher whoever. In my twisted mind this garlic seems more garlicky than fresh garlic. After the garlic had had a few moments to warm up in the olive oil I dumped the chicken in. Once the chicken was all nice and warm and garlicky I put it on top of the cheese and the tortilla which I had let warm in another pan. Fold over the tortilla over the garlicky chicken goodness and flip over for a few minutes and you’re done.

Put some salsa on top and you’re golden. Enjoy!


1 Tortilla
1/4 cup cheese
.25 oz cooked chicken breast
1 teaspoon (I used a normal kitchen teaspoon) garlic
olive oil

sprinkle enough olive oil in a pan and let it warm up. Add garlic, let that warm up. Add chicken let that warm up.

in another pan let a tortilla with the cheese warm up and start melting. Add warmed up chicken to the tortilla and fold over. Once cheese is melted, flip over to make other side of tortilla crispy.

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